Faith Temple

Anointed Word Family Church

The History of Faith Temple

Bring your whole family out to share in the anointed Word at Faith Temple, the non-denominational family church that teaches the value of faith to people of all ages. Let your little ones become enriched with the written Word in an enjoyable atmosphere among peers. After 56 years, Faith Temple is happy to welcome any new members into our 100+ congregation!

Welcome to our 100+ congregation

Take part in a variety of activities and services in the spirit of fellowship. With weekly services and special events, you can always take the time needed to get in touch with your faith.

Meet Carolyn!

Carolyn has been part of the Faith Temple since 1980.

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Meet Rick!

Rick has also been involved with the Faith Temple since 1980.

Come worship with us every Sunday with morning, evening and night services!

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